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Viruses; I have no time for you.

I’ve been somewhat off the radar for the last week with what I assume is a flu or even a decimator of all humanity. I really can’t tell, because my gosh was it unpleasant.

Spent the first part of the week bedridden with no appetite (#SoThinspirational) and the last part of the week without my voice, which seems a perfectly logical thing to happen when you’re already suffering in bed.

But thankfully this is starting to pass, because I do have to speak this coming week and not just sign my thoughts, needs and desires.

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New gTLDs - Why No .Toronto?

Running a BBS in Toronto which still holds some of it’s heritage now that I’ve relocated twice out of the 416, I’ve started to recently look at the options for the system in relation to it’s domain.

I’ve held mmn.on.ca since 1996 before that I used to have mmn.toronto.on.ca which was the best I could do when .ca was managed from UBC. But with another registrant holding the .mb.ca version of the domain I could never hit the top level of .ca.

Now that the registration window has closed on that there can never be a mmn.ca. So what to do when you can’t go ‘national’? Go hyper local obviously.

But that is proving a challenge considering that there isn’t a .Toronto and the closest there is to a local Toronto domain, is that of Tonga (.to). Unfortunately mmn.to is taken, so voilà, not happening.

But why considering that cities around the world like Paris, London, Berlin, New York City

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Because Luis Wanted The Photo


S'amuse non?

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The Complex World of the MMN Réseau Privé

Running a BBS I completely understand the irony of having a series of complex VPN routes and SSH Tunnels to carry system data; considering that the way you access the BBS is through the least secure protocol available.

I’m not going to lie, that email that was received by SkyNet (Email Filter/Scanner) and transmitted through my servers in full security through a VPN then an SSH Tunnel, is totally sniffable at the other end.

Am I concerned about that? Yes of course I am, but my BBS Software came from the early 1990s and barely can deal with the fact it can do internet, let alone that it’s 2016.

But I do it all the same, to learn how I can do it and how by mistyping a single IP address I can completely break a perfectly decent and well thought out route table.

There are of course arguements that I should change my BBS software and to which I only have one reply -

I have managed this

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The Hard Life of the Feline

Currrently, in my tiny parisien appartment, I am hosting a friends cat.

Although adorable most of the time and a complete connasse when it suits her we have a graceful balance of understanding and a clear boundary of personal space.

However, it appears she has been hit by the dreaded “heat”.

Imagine having a small animal with the vocal skills of a night club speaker wandering around (when she’s not trying to force her backside in your face at every opportunity) at 4h du matin. I’m fairly sure all my neighbours hate me now, from the ones next door to the ones on the 5ème étage kept awake by their now completely horny male cats.

At least she is aware of this potential degredation of our relationship, we have our cuddle time as usual, but she likes to remind me that our delecate balance of cat to human hatred is still there. She does this by gyrating on me while hissing, perhaps in an

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